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Honestly, I’m not a big fan of underwater proposals, being averse to swimming myself, and this interesting wedding proposal item underscores my fear: a British woman nearly died when her boyfriend proposed to her during a scuba diving trip in Turkey.

Stephanie Walker gasped in shock when boyfriend Anthony Taylor held out a laminated card that read, “Will You Marry Me,” while the couple was 12 meters underwater at the Marmaris Resort in Turkey.

The gasp filled Walker’s mask with water and caused her to choke. Luckily, diving instructors nearby helped her clear her mask out in time to see Taylor hold out a diamond ring. The couple returned safely to the surface, but not before underwater cameras caught Walker holding up another laminated card that read, “Yes.” (And yes, for the curious, there was no “No” card.)

I know there are Filipino couples that have also gotten engaged underwater. Is this something you’d like to do?



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