Congratulations! Welcome to Perfect Proposals Online, where love is expressed in endless ways, and where superb, memorable proposals can be yours to share with the one you love!

Before you even propose, we’d like to help you come to a better understanding of yourself and your position, to determine if you’re absolutely ready for marriage (or at least the proposal).

Ask yourself these following questions:

1. [Personality and Personal Compatibility] How long have I known this person? Have I known her/him in her/his good times and bad? Can I say that I can support her/him in her/his hour of need? Can I love her/him in times when all I have is her/him? Are there any issues we haven’t resolved and have therefore swept under the rug just to get along? Issues of family? Race? Faith? Career?

2. [Finances] Am I financially ready to get married? Am I ready to help raise a family? Can I afford a decent ring to show her/him that I am committed to her/him?

3. [Proposal] Do I care enough to invest time and effort in planning a proposal for this person? Do I know her/him enough to see what might work and what might not? Am I doing this for her/him to show her I care, or is this primarily a showcase for me?

If you feel you’ve answered these questions adequately, with most of them leaning towards positive attributes, then, please, give us a call, we’re looking forward to serving you.

Please note that we have developed a more intensive battery of questions for potential clients. We do not always accept interested parties, primarily because if, based on our tried-and-tested methods, we learn that you are not ready for marriage, we cannot in all good conscience, accept your case. That is how we maintain our 100% batting average.