We at PerfectProposalsOnline.com have assisted many people in coming up with unique, special, heartwarming (and heart-pounding) wedding proposals. In the course of time, we have worked on many ideas.

The question to ask is this: what kind of proposal would my girl/boyfriend appreciate? Knowing the kind of person s/he is, and knowing the kind of person I am, what would be a good proposal that we can look back on and remember with fondness? What kind of proposal would reflect the way I feel about this person?
There, then, technically, is no limit to the kind of proposals you can do!

You can try the adventurous proposal. Propose to her with an Amazing Race-type proposal. Get several friends to help you out, and have her best friends take her on a tour of the city to places that are special to you, complete with souvenirs and clue cards taking her to the next place. Have a special basket or box in which she can put each clue, and have her end up in your house, where family and friends are waiting to witness you pop the question.

Don’t have too much money but want to do something unique? Try a public press release proposal. Visit or write a favorite columnist of hers and ask her/him if it might be possible for her/him to publish something about the two of you (don’t forget to tell the columnist that she totally loves her/his work!). Ask the columnist to write “will you marry [your name], [her name]?” at the end of the column. Then on the day of the publishing, have breakfast with your girlfriend and make sure she reads it. Get down on one knee.

You can even take it to the next level if you have the cash. Ask a designer friend to help you come up with a fantastic design for a newspaper ad, then book ad space in her favorite newspaper. If you have even more money, book a billboard or a skywriter.

Chinese? Turn the tables on your loved one by proposing over a romantic Chinese inspired dinner and proposing to her with the engagement ring in between chopsticks. Gua ai di!

Badminton fans? Cut out the shuttlecock’s center and put the ring in there. Decorate your badminton court with flowers and propose in the middle of the court, bringing out the shuttlecock for a smashing proposal.

If you’re the romantic type, nothing says romance like a home-cooked dinner and pampering. On your anniversary (or some other special date that won’t be too hard to remember), book your girlfriend time at a spa or facial clinic for some special treatments. Fix up your home in the meantime, and cook her favorite food (take it to that next level: have a soup, an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert). Have great china (quality dishes are key!). Bathe the room in candlelight (scented green tea is a nice relaxing aroma – try that). Then go traditional by dropping her engagement ring in a glass of champagne or on top of a nice Bizu mini-cake at the end of the evening. Sweet!

One proposal we’ve never tried out but seems extremely interesting is the Space Shuttle proposal. Book a date at Enchanted Kingdom [fun]. Work with the folks at EK to meet you at the gate with a dozen roses [romantic]. Crash each other out at the Dodge ‘Em bump cars ride [release the aggression]. Then ride the Space Shuttle together. Tie the engagement ring with string to your finger or hand [so it doesn’t fall off], and as the Space Shuttle makes its way to the top, bring it out and propose just as the Space Shuttle drops. Watch her scream “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!”

Now you may be thinking, “Well, that’s nice, but it doesn’t quite have the impact I’m looking for.” Well, fact is, we wouldn’t want to give away too many of our ideas, now, would we? 😉  We at Perfect Proposals Online have hundreds of ideas that you may find interesting. Just contact us and let us know how we can help you make your proposal truly once-in-a-lifetime amazing.