Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 5.27.29 PMThis is one proposal that breaks all the laws of love, but ends up with a happy ending.

Matt Van Vliet met Samantha Labo four years ago when the couple was arrested at an underage drinking party. After passing a Breathalyzer test and a testimony from their parents, they were let go by the New Hampshire police. The two carried on a conversation while in jail, and the romance blossomed.

Four years later, Van Vliet enlisted New London, N.H., Police Chief Edward G. Andersen, the two cops who pulled them over, and pulled over this elaborate arrest proposal. He was handcuffed and everything, and when the officer conducted a pat-down, well, tadah, there was a ring box in Van Vliet’s pocket. He then went on to propose to Labo, and the dashcam on the police car got the whole thing.

It certainly is creative, and as long as it doesn’t break any laws, you’re good to go!