We apologize for the more than year-long delay in the publication of Perfect Proposals: Popping the Question the Pinoy Way. The wedding proposal industry in the Philippines continues to evolve and grow, and we, as innovators in this industry, need to keep on our toes and make sure the fruits of our labor will meet the exacting standards of men out there interested in giving their women the best wedding proposal they can have.

We’ve spent the past few months adding on to the book, adding more wedding proposal ideas (more than 100 now!), as well as streamlining the questions in the ‘Are You Ready’ chapters to make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Our target date for launch in sometime 2007. At least two publishing houses have been kind enough to wait for the revised product before placing their bids for this book, so we’re very optimistic we can get Perfect Proposals: Popping the Question the Pinoy Way out in bookstores and elsewhere before the end of the year.