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Looking to propose on a romantic beach vacation? We at Perfect Proposals Online have discovered what may be the perfect place to propose – a private island beach resort! How does that sound?

While ideal vacation spots in the Philippines may include the world-famous tropical island vacation spot Boracay, famous for its soft, white sand, another Philippine island is building a steady reputation for attracting couples looking to escape the maddening tourist crowd, the hustle and bustle of daily life, and the complexities of modern living to share the company of each other: The Flower Island Resort off the coast of Palawan.

The Flower Island Resort in Palawan offers immaculate white sandy beaches, breathtaking underwater scenery, access to a spectacular pearl farm, and a host of island getaway activities, all available to Guests in at atmosphere of exclusive privacy, peace and quiet!

This resort in Palawan offers an unforgettable return to nature guaranteed to relax the mind and nourish the soul. This Palawan island resort has seven large cabin-type air-cooled huts, each with its own unique charm, made even more rustic with the use of native material rattans and wood. Toilet facilities are available in the seven huts of this rustic resort in Palawan, as are hammocks and terraces. The sole air-conditioned Flower Island Resort hut comes with a large, extremely comfortable bed framed in Philippine bamboo. It’s cozy, it’s romantic, it’s you and her under the stars

There is no shortage of opportunities to propose at this resort in Palawan – all with an emphasis on just the two of you and returning to nature. Propose underwater while snorkeling and exploring the beautiful Philippine waters, where school of fish, coral, and other awe-inspiring marine life join you in a graceful underwater dance. Propose while exploring the forest and discovering exotic flora and fauna. Climb the hills of Flower Island and marvel at the wide expanse of crystal-clear ocean before you, then get down on one knee and pop the question!

Visit the Flower Island Resort‘s official website at to see images of what this rustic resort in Palawan has to offer.

Oh, and a quick disclaimer: we’re not getting anything from the Flower Island resort in Palawan for this idea. We’re just tickled pink by what we’ve seen on their website, and come on, guys, what gets better than a private island wedding proposal, just the two of you? One word: ROMANTIC.


A blogger named Soozie Monster saw Cathy and me yesterday on TV, and said the nicest things about us, thinking we “have the most interesting job here on Earth.”

Well, it certainly is one of the most interesting jobs! Plus, knowing we’re helping a lot of couples have the proposal of their lives… well, it certainly does contribute to the warm-n’-fuzzies. Cheesy? Yeah. But what’s so wrong with cheese anyway?

Any ideas for a proposal involving cheese? LOL I have some thoughts, but only if a client’s girlfriend’s nuts for cheese, like Wallace.
Thanks for the blog entry and positive comments, Soozie. We at Perfect Proposals Online are humbled and pleased. 😀

From Perfect Proposals, the Philippine pioneer in wedding proposals, comes a book that is truly the first of its kind in the Philippines!

Perfect Proposals: Popping the Question the Pinoy Way, an e-book chockful of wedding proposal ideas, wedding proposal scheduling, wedding proposal advice, and wedding proposal tips, is now available for purchase for only P450! If you need help with wedding proposals, Perfect Proposals now has the perfect wedding proposal book for you!
Perfect Proposals: Popping the Question the Pinoy Way is total value for your money!

This wedding proposal book contains practical and valuable advice on developing a wedding proposal that is tailor-made for your romantic partner. Get great information on:

  • Making sure you are ready for marriage
  • Asking your future in-laws for their daughter’s hand in marriage
  • Developing your own creative, unique wedding proposal, including setting the budget and finding the right ring
  • Organizing the proposal itself, with dozens of helpful hints on location, assistance, and finding the right suppliers

With dozens of questions to make you think and written in an easy-to-read, witty style, Perfect Proposals: Popping the Question the Pinoy Way is the perfect resource material for any Filipino man seeking to make the perfect wedding proposal.

The best part? Because Perfect Proposals: Popping the Question the Pinoy Way is an e-book (.pdf format, Adobe Acrobat required), you can get your copy within a day of purchase! Email us at superblessed at gmail dot com or send an SMS to 0920-9073962 to receive information on payment and delivery. For only P450, this is a tiny investment in making sure your girlfriend receives the once-in-a-lifetime proposal she’s dreamed of!

Plus! Every copy of the Perfect Proposals: Popping the Question the Pinoy Way e-book is watermarked with the name of the purchaser, so you know you are getting a genuine copy of the Perfect Proposals: Popping the Question the Pinoy Way e-book! No piracy, no fake copies, total value for your money.

Plus! We at will offer a free online consultation to the first 50 buyers of Perfect Proposals: Popping the Question the Pinoy Way. After you’ve finished your proposal planning, you can send us a copy of your proposal plan and we’ll critique it for you, giving you suggestions to make your proposal even better, for free! That’s a free consultation with a P4500 value, available only to the first 50 buyers of the Perfect Proposals: Popping the Question the Pinoy Way e-book.

So what are you waiting for? Email us today at superblessed at to get purchasing information. Print copies of the Perfect Proposals: Popping the Question the Pinoy Way – featuring more than two dozen successful Filipino wedding proposal stories – are on the way, but since we at can’t guarantee an actual release date, we strongly encourage you buy the e-book so you can start planning your perfect wedding proposal today!


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