Here's a wedding proposal idea that gives back to the community. If your girlfriend is the type whose heart goes out to less fortunate children, we suggest a really novel way of proposing.

World Vision International helps children all over the world by providing food, shelter, and education. In the Philippines, for instance, a donation of P450 a month – P5400 a year – can send a child to school and help change her/his life. Other similar organizations, like Children's Hour also work to provide children with a better life through small- to medium-size donations and charity work.

We suggest "adopting a child" in the name of your girlfriend! The websites of either World Vision and Children's Hour can run you through the steps, including the sending of information about and pictures of your "child" in impoverished nations throughout the world.

Then, when the picture is ready and the time is right, invite your girlfriend out to dinner and show her the compilation of information you've made in her name. You can then make a short speech of how much love she's brought the world and how much love the two of you can provide your own children when you have them.

With that, bring out your ring, tell her how her love has changed the way you view the world, how the two of you can work together to do great things, and then pop the question. Let us know how it goes!


This wedding proposal idea comes to you courtesy of Perfect Proposals Online. (c) 2006 Ganns and Catherine Deen. All rights reserved.