Many gentlemen like the idea of putting their engagement rings in the drinks of their fiancees-to-be. While romantic and sweet, there is room for error. Here are some tips to help men who are thinking of proposing using drinks.

1.Always select a drink of light color. You'd be surprised how many men think of putting their engagement rings in the wine glass, only to discover to their horror that the ring cannot be seen in a glass of red wine. When in doubt, go with classic white champagne or a fruitier white wine.

2.Flute glasses are much better than wine goblets or tumblers. No reason, other than it just looks better.

3.Don't use soda like Sprite or Mountain Dew, or shandy (like Cali), you cheapskate. Among other things, it creates bubbles that stick to the ring. Distracting and, well, gross.

4.Keep an eye on your girlfriend. If she's the type that tends to gulp down her drinks, she might actually swallow the ring. Hey, it's happened (not to our clients, though, eherm).

5.Have a long teaspoon and napkin on hand. If your girlfriend sees the ring, she may be a little too excited to drink the champagne, so have a long teaspoon on hand to fish out the ring and a napkin to dry the ring before putting it on her finger.